We are happy to provide a FREE ESTIMATE of your needed survey work. We will look at the variables on your property and determine an approximate cost for your job. We can also provide you with a set bid amount if requested. Give us a call at
503-656-4915 or e-mail us at: to discuss your project.

Estimating the Cost of a Survey

To give you the most accurate cost estimate of your job, we need to take several things into consideration:

1. The type of survey needed. You may only need to find a boundary line to put up a fence, or you may be constructing a commercial building or subdivision.

2. Records search. Title and deed problems are common. Vague, incomplete and often contradictory legal descriptions and land records may require additional time to unravel.

3. Past monumentation
(or lack thereof) noted in previous surveys on your property and surrounding properties. Existing evidence such as iron, wood or stone monuments, old fences and occupation lines help the surveyor determine the cost of the survey.  We have surveyed this area since 1975, (we were formerly Love Land Surveys, Inc.) and most likely have completed a survey near your property. We may have already located or set some nearby monuments which will help with your survey.

4. Terrain. A level parcel of land is easier to survey than a steep one. Swampy property or property along a river or stream may complicate the survey.

5. Vegetation on the property. Heavy brush, small trees and branches must frequently be cleared to allow a line of site for the survey crew. Shrubs, hedges and buildings may require additional time to work around.

6. Accessibility to property. The travel distance to and from your property and whether there are accessable roads into and around the property will need to be taken in to account.

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