Our Services

Below is a list of services that our company provides. You may need one or more of these services, depending on the type of survey required.

Boundary Surveys - 
Often needed when purchasing land, locating a property line or obtaining a building permit. Survey crew will locate actual physical boundary of property, witnessed by monuments or markers such as iron rods or pipes, or concrete monuments in the ground. Monuments are measured, boundary lines are resolved, any missing corners are reset and a survey map is recorded at the county surveyor’s office. 

Lot Line Adjustments (Property Line Adjustments) - 
Adjusting or moving the common property line between two adjoining parcels, which includes the physical setting of wood stakes or iron pins along property line, a map that is recorded at the county surveyor’s office and the writing of new legal descriptions describing the new properties.

Partition Plats - 
Division of a single tract of land into 2 or 3 parcels. Requires prior approval of the city or county where the property is located. All property corners are set and a map is recorded at the county surveyor’s office.

Subdivision Plats - 
Division of a single tract of land into 4 or more parcels. Requires prior approval of the city or county where the property is located. 

FEMA Flood Plain Reports / Elevation Certificates - 
Required when refinancing or purchasing a property that is in a flood zone or purchase of flood insurance. Data is gathered on the elevation of the property, photos are taken and a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Associations) Elevation Certificate is filled out by the licensed surveyor.

Corner Location / Lot Line Staking -
Find existing corner monuments such as iron pipe, iron rod, rock, etc. Stake property line for fencing or other purposes. Does not require a filed map, but may include a site map for client purposes.

Foundation or Mortgage Survey and Staking - 
This may be required for new construction or a structure requiring a new foundation. Consists of a map and physical marking of building foundation corners with stakes placed in the ground. This ensures that the foundation is in the proper place, as per design and setback requirements.

Topographical Surveys - 
This type of survey may be required by engineers, architects and governmental agencies. Locates topographic features of the property, such as trees, streams, building improvements, fences, elevations and contours. 

ALTA / ACSM Surveys - 
Often required in commercial real estate transactions. This type of survey is a standard jointly proposed by ALTA (American Land Title Association) and ACSM (American Congress on Surveying and Mapping) and combines portions of the boundary survey, mortgage survey and topographic survey. It is used to determine property lines, locate easements and utilities and identify topographic features of the property.

Easements and Legal Descriptions - 
An easement is the legal right to use another person’s land for a particular purpose. Often needed for utilities or physical access to a property. Legal descriptions are written to describe the easement and are filed with the county. A map may also be required to illustrate the easement. 

GPS Surveys - 
GPS (Global Positioning System) is used to locate horizontal and vertical positions of ground points. Specialized equipment takes measurements and relays information using earth-orbiting satellites. It is used in flood plain elevation determination, boundary determination in large surveys and location of monitoring wells.

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